EP: Liam Dutch – Melancholy Junction

Six stand out tracks make up Liam Dutch‘s brand new debut EP ‘Melancholy Junction’! The EP includes singles ‘Settle Down’ and ‘What’s Your Problem?’ which we both reviewed on this very website as well. Now, the missing pieces of the puzzle have been revealed. It is the full picture, both the end and the start of the journey. The end of the recording process, the start of the journey for Liam’s old and new fans!

One of our favourites on the EP is newly released ‘Felicity’, a dark and soaring indie rock sound with his strong vocals in the midst of the mix. Title track ‘Melancholy Junction’ builds on a synth-driven intro, a slow paced and introspective synth pop track, with next upbeat single ‘Trapdoor’, the EP truly becomes a smooth-sailing wave of ups and downs! About ‘Trapdoor’, Liam said: “I wrote it in the garden a few years ago. I think lyrically it will resonate with a lot of people. It’s on of those songs I want people to interpret how they want. It initially started as a synth sound when I first demoed the track but when I was in the studio with Colin Farley (Cutting Crew), it became apparent quite early that adding the strings would give it a certain romance.”

His warm and brooding sounds comes together so very well on this six track counting EP filled with open and honest indie pop and rock sounds that go hand in hand. The EP can truly be seen as one work of art, something we’ve been missing lately in EP’s and albums that are just a cumulation of different tracks. On ‘Melancholy Junction’, Liam Dutch shows off his ambition, his Alex Turner-esque style blended with his own version of the indie synth rock genre!

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