September Round Up

Antsy – Cosmic Love

The light-hearted and uplifting alien-like electro pop sound of Antsy is a fun one to listen to and a perfect addition to our September Round Up! ‘Cosmic Love’ is pensive and eclectic, rather eccentric and a shimmering, rocking one that makes us feel a little giddy inside. The feeling we’re assuming cosmic love would give us, so the title of this new track couldn’t be more apt!

Maryanna Devlin – Cut and Run

A beautiful voice introduces me to Maryanna Devlin and her latest release ‘Cut and Run’. It’s a sweet folk pop song with sharp vocals a la Sam Phillips. Her simple yet warm and colourful soundscape dress her voice in a midi black dress, giving the song elegance and a few layers I have yet to uncover. I felt tear wells up when Devlin slowly and emotionally sang “I always thought I wasn’t good enough… I was wrong”. They’re good tears, tears of elevation.

Crocodylus – Can’t Understand

The introspective intro of ‘Can’t Understand’ completely hides what happens after the intro is sound out, Crocodylus have released a surprise. A changing and upbeat, alternative pop rock sound with poignant vocals and a fun surf rock-like soundscape! ‘Can’t Understand’ is a thumping track, exciting, upbeat and uplifting, and it makes us feel like we are still celebrating summer!

Blunt Blade – The Build

This dark and thumping synth-driven new wave / rock track is almost out of this world, as if the aliens have found their mothership and its churning out a fantastic and grandiose sound. Blunt Blade have just released ‘The Build’ and it’s intriguing, different and has made us so curious about the rest this band has done and will most definitely do!

Jac Thompson – Pull My Chute

A surprisingly determined debut single was released by Jac Thompson, her ‘Pull My Chute’ is an echoing synth pop track with beautiful vocals and an angelic touch to the mix. ‘Pull My Chute’ is slow, warm and soft to the touch, driven by her sweet and subtle vocals that shyly tell a story we are eager to hear the next chapter of!

Devine Lie – Feelings You Hide In Your Heart

This warm, sultry and comforting new wave indie track has captured us completely, with sharp and mesmerising vocals leading its listener through ‘Feelings You Hide In Your Heart’. The single was taken from the tenth album of Devine Lie, and it’s adamant the band have been around with their refined and well-produced, smooth-sailing sound!

Michael Sanders – Another World Like Ours

Warm, subtle and refreshing, Michael Sanders’ latest is called ‘Another World Like Ours’ and it’s a subtle storytelling folk pop song with a minimalistic soundscape and unaltered vocals leading us through its story. The subtle lo-fi pop rock sound builds upon good vibes and hints of fuzz. Intriguing and we are now indeed curious to see where Michael Sanders is headed!

Spaceland – The Riot

Their anthemic and synth-driven pop rock sound is exciting, enigmatic and builds towards a grand crescendo! Spaceland’s ‘The Riot’ has a dreamy aesthetic, mostly due to its angelic vocals, and the mysterious riffs leading towards afore-mentioned crescendo. The song is taken from the band’s recently release EP ‘Precious Icons’, a three track counting piece of old riff-driven electro rock tracks!

Mandrake Handshake – Emonzaemon

There is a new and exciting band on the block and they are called Mandrake Handshake. Their latest is called ‘Emonzaemon’ and their sound is an exciting mix of alternative psych rock, a bit of punk and a hint of surf. Their latest is a mantra, an enigmatic and poignant sound that fills me with excitement and makes me want to hear more from the band that got inspired by a ninja from the anime Katanagatari…

Wesley Attew – End of the Line

His soaring, open-hearted and personal sound mesmerised us with previous releases and does so again with his latest single ‘End of the Line’. The subtly anthemic indie rock song expresses the frustration of how often a blind eye is turned to the issues we face as humans. Yet it feels like he is holding back, his latest could be much more powerful but also makes us feel that at times, it might be good to hold back, and follow up even stronger. ‘End of the Line’ is only the beginning!

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