thea wang – I Wrote You Letters

If thea wang would write me letters and sing a song about it, I would probably never stop smiling. Her latest and sweet folk pop song is introspective, refined and layered with soft vocal chord after soft vocal chord. ‘I Wrote You Letters’ is minimalistic, unhurried, a warm blanket covering our cold, shivering shoulders, a warm hug and a shoulder to lean on.

Her beautiful and fragile voice tells a personal story, one that also appears on the recently released debut album, ‘While He Is Still Asleep’. The album is a collection of her ethereal and powerful sound, a poignant selection of folk pop songs. About her debut, thea says: “”It made me appreciate how silence can teach you a lot. But it also made me extremely restless, and I realised how much I need to sing to find meaning in life.”

“Sounds cliché, but for me it’s true,” she continues, “I met so many people that I sort of carried with me – and so the songs in this album are small novels about different people that I’ve met, people I know, people I don’t know, and some stories from my own life. I think of this record as ‘dialogues’, and small snippets into other people’s lives.”

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