Video: PLAY DEAD – Offy

A powerful, poignant and rocking new track and video was released by London’s emerging outfit PLAY DEAD. The band have truly evolved since their last release, single and video for ‘Offy’ is well-performed and produced and is focussed on rough, screaming vocals that are supported by a thumping punk rock soundscape driven by filthy riffs and delicious licks.

With the release of ‘Offy’, the band announce the release of their second EP ‘Mug Cake’ which is due for release on the 14th of October on Blitzcat Records! Theirs is the sound we want to hear in dark and sweaty venues, in garages and on street corner as they tell tales of maturity and the daily struggles of life.

On ‘Offy’, singer Joe Blair said: “It’s probably what you’d call the most ‘quintessential’ PLAY DEAD tune we wrote – typical hapless 2020 teenagers going out and getting as pissed as possible with mates; just really trying to work out if you’re having the time of your life or actually concluding that this is tragic, and I better bounce.” It’s the question I ask myself daily!

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