New exciting sounds: Dubinski, LADY SLOTH and ROE

Dubinski – Beyond Me

The fast rising Edinburgh-based outfit that not too recently changed their name to Dubinski has just released their new and upbeat indie track ‘Beyond Me’. With the track they announced their self-titled debut album, which is due for release on the 11th of November! After ‘Fired Up’ I hoped for a similar fast paced soundscape with more inventive lyrics and with ‘Beyond Me’ the band delivered just that!

It is an outrageous and exciting alternative pop rock track with those memorable vocals and a shimmering synth pop-like soundscape. “‘Beyond Me’ is inspired by the sense of inability to change one’s self, with the goal of avoiding the eventuality of getting into one failed relationship after another…”


The subtle pop rock sound of LADY SLOTH had me hooked with single ‘Fences’, most admirable is the early Swift-like vocals that brought me back to the girl I was a decade ago. I instantly felt comforted and familiar with LADY SLOTH, who is undeniably more exciting and stubborn than Swift will ever be.

“‘Fences’ is an alternative pop rock anthem about setting boundaries and not feeling guilty about choosing to prioritise one’s self.” A fast paced and colourful soundscape driven by super soft vocals and warm hooks bring ‘Fences’ to live and made LADY SLOTH claim their space on our ones-to-watch list!

ROE – Alarms

ROE’s newest fragile and refined, soft alternative dream pop song is honest and bittersweet, stunning yet heart-breaking and was released alongside her debut album. ‘Alarms’ builds acoustically, brought to life by a subtle soundscape and her cutting voice in the midst of it all stealing the spotlight.

“We were halfway through recording my album when I wrote ‘Alarms’ and immediately knew it needed to be how the record ended. I think this song speaks for itself so I don’t want to ruin it with any kind of possible explanation. All that I will say is that it’s the song on ‘That’s When The Panic Sets In’ that means the most to me.”

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