From the belly of the Black Country comes spoken electro punk duo BIG SPECIAL, and they truly are something special. The answer to Slaves, the more pungent solution to IDLES, with a funky and surprising, riffing soundscape a la Fontaines D.C., but they’re probably tired of being compared to names like those I’ve just mentioned. They’re angrier, more relatable and at times even poetic.

I’m a fan of the title on its own, let alone the duo repeating the word throughout the entire track, ‘SH!THOUSE’ is the second single taken from the upcoming second EP, ‘BLACK COUNTRY GOTHIC’ which is set to be released this autumn. The track is a musical assault created by crunching guitars, wavering synths and thumping drums. Its lyrics are darkly humorous observations of personal mental struggles in a time of social anxiety and depression. BIG SPECIAL are truly something else.

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