Arliston – Hold My Wine

The non-hasty alternative pop sound of Arliston‘s latest, ‘Hold My Wine’, makes it a welcome break from every day life. Its soaring sound and soft, glistening soundscape are intriguing and warm, comforting and listen like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. ‘Hold My Wine’ is taken from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Even in the Shade’ and we’re so very curious what other sounds the new single will be accompanied with!

The song is driven by a bold and rhythmic sound, its soundscape is colourful, and its main vocals are soothing, fighting the cliché of its story successfully. About ‘Hold My Wine’, Jack says: “we’ve been wanting to make something a bit more playful for a while, so when we first hit on that chorus idea, making a silly middle-class pun on ‘hold my beer’, everything else just fell into place around it.”

We can hear determination, talent and creativity, and those elements combined make Arliston an interesting emerging artist we feel will end up high on future festival bills. ‘Hold My Wine’ sounds upbeat and contrasts its subject, “it’s about that occasional moment of recognition when you look up from the narrow corridor of your own thoughts and are seized by the idea that everyone else has progressed and developed, while you are stuck in an unchanged rut. The protagonist attempts to do something about it in the chorus – but inevitably, he gets it wrong.”

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