EP: Lost In Japan – Night Talks Pt. 1

Lost In Japan are back with the release of their EP ‘Night Talks Pt. 1’, the five track collection of characterful alternative pop is refreshing and well-produced, the perfect introduction in case you hadn’t heard of the indie rockers yet! This is the first part of their second LP, which was produced by Grammy Award winner Matt Snell and JUNO Award winner Dan Brodbeck.

‘Night Talks Pt. 1’ listens like a friend talking about their day or week, a familiar feeling, something comforting and mundane. The EP is filled with personal stories regarding friendship, mental health and time passing by. Single ‘On My Way’ “stemmed from a friend sharing how anxious they were, despite looking completely fine. They put on a smile even though they were having a tough time mentally.”

On their new EP, the band glide from alt pop to electrifying pop rock, they step aside for a soft pop song in single ‘Congrats’, and return with ‘On My Way’. ‘On My Way’ is potentially the catchiest alt pop track on the EP, with a refreshing soundscape and soft vocals, closing track ‘Before The Blink’ is second favourite and second most catchy track. Lost In Japan have grown and evolved and created a refined and eclectic collection of pop-driven tracks, and we’d listen to the EP over and over again, with pleasure!

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