New alt pop: Cat Ryan, Ham Sandwich and kicklighter

Cat Ryan – Lost My Connection

North east art pop outfit Cat Ryan have just released their new single ‘Lost My Connection’, its eclectic mix of refreshing riffs and compositions is undeniably catchy and one we could listen to on repeat for the foreseeable! The single details the breakdown of a relationship that is unable to overcome the challenges of long distance. Singer and songwriter Mary-Anne is prolific at what she does and creates surprising soundscapes that dance and sway like no other. ‘Lost My Connection’ is just another example of the ever evolving sound that can be found in the musical catalogue of Cat Ryan!

Ham Sandwich – Julian

The thumping and exciting electro pop rock sound that Ham Sandwich have let loose on us is driving and listens like a shot of caffeine driven by warm and soothing vocals. ‘Julian’ is fast paced yet feels unhurried in the coming together of its soundscape, a fast paced beat seems the red thread throughout the song, but its vocals are sweet and soft and rather uncomplicated. The Irish alternative pop band have with this release been added to our favourite new discoveries of this year! This synth pop banger can also be found on recently released ten track counting album ‘Magnify’.

kicklighter – Pavement

The driving second single from kicklighter is a fast paced alternative rock track on which the band worked with producer Aaron Gillespie of Underoath. The track is driven by an energetic drum beat and soft, natural sounding vocals. The song was written about accepting rejection when having feelings for someone that aren’t being reciprocated. The track’s light-hearted soundscape covers its dreary and bittersweet emotions we’ve most definitely all felt before. kicklighter created a sound and narrative that we relate to, and it’s refreshing.

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