Live: Maxïmo Park and Pip Blom at O2 City Hall

Dutch fast rising outfit Pip Blom might have not been on the scene as long as Maxïmo Park has but bring butt loads of energy hard to beat by any other emerging outfit. The stage was big but Pip Blom was bigger in sound, their infectious alt rock filled the O2 City Hall without any effort yet the audience still had to warm up a little. There were a few examples that busted some moves to the infectious ‘You Don’t Want This’ and ‘Telephone’, some of Pip Blom’s previously released singles. The band have been on tour supporting Maxïmo Park for two weeks with Newcastle being the last show of the tour, but there were no signs of tiredness or exhaustion. They actually seemed rather exhilarated and that’s exactly how I felt after their set, and Maxïmo Park still had to play!

Pip Blom

Pop icons Maxïmo Park have potentially got the loudest fanbase, the floor of O2 City Hall was quickly covered in spilled beer and showed cracks where the mosh pits had began. Their infectious songs are easy to sing along and everyone, old and young, made sure to do so. The energy of frontman Paul Smith was undeniably infections and I wish I could jump like he can.

Their hometown show was the last of a tour during which they played all their greatest hits, including one of their latest, ‘Great Art’. The band don’t shy away from topics such as international politics nor football politics and have gathered a fanbase made up of wonderful and respectful fans that agree with, for example, the fact that a trickle down economy does not favour the people. Besides singing about how complicated life has gotten these days, the band also sang about babies that keep you up at night and nights out in the town.

Maxïmo Park

This band has aged like fine wine, and if you have been a fans for years or have only just come across the north east-born outfit, Maxïmo Park are a band you should have seen live at least once in your lifetime, because it’s a good night guaranteed!

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