October Round Up

Fionn – Waves

The new and hazy folk pop sound Vancouver duo Fionn released is soft to the touch and flows like a babbling brook. Their dreamy vocal harmonies lead us through ‘Waves’, its refined finish shows determination and that the sisters know what direction the song should take them in. Its surprising twist brings a subtly thumping rhythm into the mix throughout then slows down again with a solely vocal part. The single was written at a time when Brianne simply had enough, she was sick of lockdowns and restrictions and felt like she was unable to reach her goals and dreams. Out of that frustration came ‘Waves’, so despite that dark period in all of our lives, at least we got something good from it!

Jman & the Pigs – Seasons

This pensive and eclectic, soft and sweet new release is a wandering dream pop-infused one, released by Byron Bay-based outfit Jman & the Pigs. ‘Seasons’ is a slowly building, dark and refined folk pop track talking about the beauty of the changing of the seasons. This is potentially one of my favourite subjects and made me instantly relate to the single, “the end of a season often feels a bit sad and nostalgic, but the beauty of the next one coming to life can pleasantly surprise you and help you return to the present moment. There is a video too, celebrating this beautiful process, a must-watch!

The One Eighties – No King

This warm and groovy disco pop track is refreshing and undeniably catchy. All I want is to dance along to this vivacious and driving alternative pop song with its warm vocals and shimmering soundscape! There is a hint of Americana driving the grooving disco track forward, while talking of the demise of an oppressor. Single ‘No King’ was written and produced in The One Eighties’ home studio and is one of nearly 400 tracks that the duo mixed themselves! ‘No King’ is their sophomore single and more will hopefully soon follow!

Kristo – Something

‘Something’ is beautifully fragile and driven by vocals that are at the verge of breaking yet sound strong in their delivery of this new single. Kristo’s soundscapes are built on sweet vocals and trickling guitar sounds that stream like a river. On his latest single, Kristo goes naked, and shows us a sound of himself we haven’t heard from many other artists lately. In that, he is daring and an outstanding musician, and ‘Something’ is proof of his talents.

Martin Luke Brown – grateful

The blissful and soft indie dream pop track Martin Luke Brown just released is inspired by a west coast sound and is the second single taken from his upcoming debut album. ‘grateful’ is light-hearted, refreshing and filled with sunshine-drenched compositions. His vocals are natural and honest sounding and endows the story of how life is best lived simply! Martin commented: “I love it, it’s just chill innit”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Open Arms – Wherever I Go

The echoing new indie pop track by Birmingham-based outfit Open Arms is enchanting and colourful, Their anthemically waving, dancing sound comes in the form of a single and upcoming EP ‘Colours’! The single is their smoothest release to date and incorporates a warm and driving soundscape and charismatically delivered vocals. On the single, singer Ben said: “It’s about the love I have for the band, and us trying to make our way in the music industry, going out to new and different places all the time to play shows. It’s like a mantra that acts as a reminder every time I listen to the song, or play it live, to just keep going and not to give up!”

Tonia – Empty Conversations

Liverpool’s rising star Tonia just released her new single ‘Empty Conversations’, a soft and fragile folk pop song driven by her beautifully see-through voice. The single is a teaser of upcoming debut EP ‘Afloat’, and is building towards an enigmatic collection of soulful pop sounds we enjoy listening on a dreary day to pick us back up again. Her honest lyricism and velvety vocal lays uncover an unspoken conversation with an ex… EP ‘Afloat’ is due to be released on the 20th of January.

Moonlight Zoo – If Only

Powerful and theatrical pop rock single ‘If Only’ is the latest by Scottish indie outfit Moonlight Zoo. The song combines elements of alternative indie and synth pop, and is driven by pure and honest vocals. It’s anthemic soundscape and surprising riffs make the song an outstanding one within its genre. Their use of instrumentation and imagination make ‘If Only’ a timeless track with beautiful compositions and heartfelt hooks. The band is performing up in the north east on the 26th of November at Newcastle’s independent music venue Bobiks, hopefully we’ll be hearing ‘If Only’ live then.

Augusta – Little Birds

Augusta’s intro made us think back of when Red Rum Club still made grand indie rock tracks, and with ‘Little Birds’, the band seem to have taken over from the Liverpudlian outfit. ‘Little Birds’ is a mysteriously catchy track driven by bells and whistles and echoing vocals, and a rhythm we are still tapping along to. The Toronto-based seven piece is made up of musicians that have all been in previous projects and we can hear their experience and determination shine through on the new project’s latest release! ‘Little Bird’ is exciting and a song we could easily listen to over and over again.

Cosmic Crooner – Tema di Filippo

Our favourite crooner is back from having barely been gone with new single ‘Tema di Filippo’, a puzzling new release with a slow build up and a soothing soundscape. ‘Tema di Filippo’ comes with a stylish black and white video inspired by the Italian film maker Michelangelo Antoni. Its build up is pensive and it’s instrumentals sexy, the song is a refined and sweet piece of alternative pop driven by the longing for more. Cosmic Crooner is building towards a crescendo and we’re here for it!

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