Video: PrYmary Colours – I’m Here Now

If you’re looking for an inspiring and empowering sound, we have got just the right new release for you. PrYmary Colours have just released new single ‘I’m Here Now’, a cumulation of life experiences, growth and being a person of colour in Ireland. This recount reflects on challenging and grounding experiences that shaped Cayisha’s life and has made her the person that she is today.

Their electro new wave sound is thumping, and listens like a motivating speech dressed up in a warm and reflective electro rock soundscape. They’re a force of nature, a brewing storm that will be wreaking havoc across musical scenes in Ireland and all over the UK. This pulsating and uplifting club track is nothing like we have covered before – well, almost nothing like it – yet it’s addictive, refreshing and convincing and makes us want to hear more from PrYmary Colours! A perfect introduction.

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