BOWIE is the enchanting artist behind brand new single ‘Xo’. The German’s pensive dream pop sound comes to us in the form of single ‘Xo’, which is a slowly built up hazy dream driven by sharp vocals and an atmospheric and echoing soundscape. The single slowly builds towards a grand crescendo that is memorable and catchy. 

At its chorus, the enigmatic soundscape gets joined by a thumping and exciting beat that drives the song forward even more. ‘Xo’ is like a speedboat driving eights, taking its listener on a steady rollercoaster of comforting yet surprising hooks that together make for a very intriguing listen. The leading element of this track; its beautiful vocals, are also its most noteworthy element, and make us want to listen to the rest of BOWIE’s discography. ‘Xo’ is a perfect musical introduction.

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