Sqrrl! – For Always

A shimmering, soft and playful intro leads us into the new single Sqrrl just released. ‘For Always’ is a wandering and sweet alternative pop track with soothing vocals and a steady sound throughout. One of the leading, light-hearted elements of its soundscape make ‘For Always’ a comforting listen. The natural-sounding vocals of ‘For Always’ tell a story of trust and friendship and give us a little more hope for the future, there are still kind humans out there.

Sqrrl are an interesting outfit that creates songs like lullabies, with undeniably catchy choruses yet refreshing hooks we don’t always expect. ‘For Always’s compositions sway like the waves on a mellow autumn day and its vocals sway along with its sounds. The song could have lasted another three minutes and we really would not have minded it!

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