EP: Blueprint Tokyo – Cinema Sounds

‘Cinema Sounds’ is the brand new EP released by Blueprint Tokyo, the indie rock duo from Oklahoma City and Alberta have brought us a three song-counting collection of intriguing and warm sounds that make for exciting atmospheres! The EP consists of catchy, peaking indie pop sounds interwoven with influences taken from new wave and crooning vocals that are soft to the touch.

Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale have armed themselves with three intense and comforting tracks that together tell their honest story. Driving soundscapes make for an ever exciting listen, we find ourselves slowly humming along to the warm and colourful ‘Say Anything’. ‘LaRusso’ is a thumping, slightly heavier anthem, one that could easily fill a stadium with its rich finishes. The closer of the EP, ‘Sailor Girl’ is a slightly more light-hearted indie pop sound with some subtle effects giving its soundscape even more colour. Almost whispering vocals lead us through the track and talk about losing goals out of sight. They repeat “we need a miracle”, but to us, the miracle is Blueprint Tokyo and with ‘Cinema Sounds’ we got exactly what we needed!

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