Youth Sector – The Ball

Upbeat alternative pop outfit Youth Sector have released a new disco pop track called ‘The Ball’ and they’re hitting the nail right on the head with it! It is fast paced, a shot of caffeine, a welcome weekend-opener. The song is a driving, dancing track, undeniably infectious and politically charged. Their unpredictable energy is fun and their ever-evolving sound makes for an always exciting listen. ‘The Ball’ might be one of their best so far.

There is no need for getting into the track, ‘The Ball’ pulls you into its narrative from the get-go with its inventive lyricism and energising soundscape! The single is a mesmerising melting pot of Devo, Modest Mouse and “whatever political scandal is in the headlines this week.” The Brighton-based outfit know how to stand out from their fellow musicians by acting like a punk band yet sounding like an alternative rock one! Give ‘The Ball’ a listen below.

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