Album highlights: The Pretty Reckless, The Calls and The Hunna

Album: The Pretty Reckless – Other Worlds

The Pretty Reckless’ brand new album ‘Other Worlds’ is a cumulation of love letters, love stories and broken hearts and is the bands’ way of sharing their way of healing with their listeners. The album is a collection of some of the band’s own favourite tracks and their acoustic renditions and features some very special guests such as Alain Johannes and Mike Garson. They worked with Alain on their striking cover of ‘The Keeper’ and with David Bowie pianist Garson on their moving piano-version of ‘Quicksand’.

On ‘Other Worlds’ they deliver their first proper acoustic recordings, goosebump-delivering tracks that are driven by Taylor’s pure and honest vocals. The album is filled with unexpected covers and their reimaginations and show that the band is by far not done pushing their boundaries. “For a long time, we’ve been trying to figure out an alternative way of releasing music, including songs that we love that didn’t make or records, we found a way to do this coherently and consistently with ‘Other Worlds’. We’re a rock band, so there are lots of electric guitars on our records. However, we’ve had incredible feedback from our fans about our acoustic performances, and we had never put those out in any real format. So, this is a different take on the traditional format of a record, and a stripped back version of us that our fans haven’t really heard before. But it’s still us.”

EP: The Calls – Setting Sun

Leeds trio The Calls have released their new EP ‘Setting Sun’, a collection of psyche rock tracks driven by atmospheric soundscapes and subtle vocal lines. Six tracks make the third EP of the Leeds-based outfit that create grand and musically intricate soundscapes that are at all times surprising and unpredictable. Songwriter and vocalist Tom Fuller explains the process behind their new EP, “We wanted to create a different world to the last EP, one that was brighter, warmer and more optimistic than our previous work. We introduced more electronic sounds, synths and drum loops and I think this adds to the mysterious sound of the record as it’s neither a guitar record nor an electronic record.”

Lyrically the EP is intended to be hopeful in times when hope is scarce, the familiar soundscape of ‘Out Of Reach’ brings some of that hope and on ‘Everything’s Alright’ they enforce the feeling of us listeners never being alone. Tom puts an introspective slant on social observations and plays with metaphors and dystopian outlooks, which is what makes ‘Setting Sun’ an honest and attractive record. ‘Setting Sun’ will be celebrated with a special night at the Lending Room on the 11th of November with support from High Windows, My Nose Is Pierced and Hobbies, tickets are available here.

Album: The Hunna – The Hunna

The Hunna have just released their new self-titled album which they are currently playing in full on their sold out UK headline tour! Tonight they will be headlining the London’s Electric Ballroom, where, after they’ve played their new album, they’ll be playing the well-known hits that launched them into the public eye. Their driving and bursting punk rock energy is interwoven with influences from the 90’s and the 00’s and brings together grand riffs, catchy melodies and lyrics we are already singing along!

On their tracks they refer to pop culture, celebrities and jealousy and talk about love and loss in the form of deeply honest lyrics. On ‘The Storm’ they go orchestral and heavily synth-driven, ‘Trash’ is a heavy-hitting rock track, we move through a warm indie rock soundscape on ‘Circles’ and our favourite out of the thirteen track is thumping anthem ‘Sold My Soul’! After having been pushed and pulled around by bad management on their first two records, The Hunna now seem to have settled with a new team and a more determined and warmer, more welcoming sound. This is it, the new The Hunna.

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