New dream pop: Luna Keller, néomí and Christine Savard

Luna Keller – Wolves

Luna Keller returns with her single ‘Wolves’ after the release of her debut album ‘Prophecies and Silver Linings’. The single is an enchanting soft pop song driven by stunning vocals and creative lyrics. Its sound is bittersweet, heart-wrenching and emotive, the song honours Alex and Lyca, a couple that became friends and supporters of Luna through her Twitch streams.

Last year in October Lyca passed away from cancer, leaving Luna and the Twitch community grieving. ‘Wolves’ is the seventh of a series of songs Luna wrote but that didn’t fully express her feelings, and debuted at a virtual charity festival Luna and Alex organised to raise funds for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in honour of Lyca who loved wolves immensely. The song has such an honest meaning I didn’t think it could get more special, but the howls used at the end of the recording were recorded at the sanctuary and given to Luna to use. The songs truly touched a few strings, gave me goose bumps and had me wipe away a tear from the corner of my eye once it finished and I hit play again.

néomí – red balloon

One of my favourite emerging pop artists that arose this year has released a new single ‘red balloon’ is another song that pulls on my heartstring. Crystal clear vocals drive the single forward, with a subtle string-driven soundscape and almost see-through harmonies create a divine soundscape that make me feel like I am levitating.

‘red balloon’ is the new phase of her career, a sonic pop song, more atmospheric than some of her previous releases. She maintains the beautifully wistful and alluring texture throughout but builds a more mesmerising sound around a story that narrates the power of music. Neomi and her boyfriend had just moved in together and were going through a tough time. “He suggested we write a song together so we went to the piano and just let the music speak. Little did we know we were writing a break-up song as we parted a couple of months later. The song wasn’t finished so months later I decided to finish it up with a good friend of mine. I gave it a twist, as my heart literally burst like a red balloon at that time. Now I just hope that one day I’ll be lifted like a beautiful red balloon that didn’t rip open.”

Christine Savard – Wicked Woman

A more eclectic, driving dream pop song was released by Christine Savard. ‘Wicked Woman’ hints at indie pop with its subtle guitar-driven soundscape, and the slightly more uplifting vocals. ‘Wicked Woman’ is a journey of self-expression, and brings a colourful sound that is humble yet exciting and well-composed.

This dark indie vibe suits the four-piece well, as its sound is organic and riveted by bass lines and punchy acoustic drums. ‘Wicked Woman’ tell a cautionary tale about a Wicked Woman who traps a man under her enchanted spell. The song is a blend of multiple instruments and influences and has ended up being a very dignitive mix that is signature to Christine Savard’s sound!

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