Multi Ultra – Yes or No

A fast paced and uplifting new single was released by Multi Ultra, their Franz Ferdinand-esque sound is an energetic blend of alternative guitar-driven pop and rock’n’roll! Driving drums and rolling riffs make for an enthusing listen, ‘Yes or No’ is most definitely our favourite release from the band so far. With the single they are adding a new colour to their already colourful musical palette, and branch out with a synth solo that makes them and the single stand out from others within their genre! 

About their latest release, single Derrick says: “We’ve been playing in clubs and discovering how much people react to rock bands, but they also want to dance. I wanted to write a rock song that we could dance to without being ingenuine. There’s a bit of nostalgia in ‘Yes or No’ for me because it was inspired by the indie bands that played the soundtrack to our youth. The lyrics are kind of a letter written to myself, “Yes or no? Are you gonna go for this with all your might or be careless?”

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