November Round Up

Limón Limón – Roller Coaster

Limón Limón have released another catchy and unhurried, warm and welcome alternative pop track, a song called ‘Roller Coaster’. With laid back spoken vocals and warm, surprising vocal harmonies, the song is a treat for the ears. “‘Roller Coaster’ is a song about feeling lost and stuck in life’s monotony.” With a sonic soundscape resembling the music of Gorillaz and Beck, Limón Limón show off their versatility once again. Their refreshing indie pop sound will never be able to bore us!

Mandi Mapes – Surely Goodness

Her sweet and subtle pop sound is warm and comforting, her sparklingly bright vocals make us feel at ease. Mandi Mapes’ new single ‘Surely Goodness’ is a small, fragile, yet strong-hearted pop ballad with a beautifully shimmering soundscape and warm vocals. About her new release, Mandi said: “I think so many of us are struggling right now, post-pandemic, with depression and anxiety and I just wanted to write a song that reminded all of us that even in the darkness, there is light.” With ‘Surely Goodness’ she succeeded in writing a comforting hug driven by memorable vocals that will be stuck in our head for at least the upcoming few days.

Pat Donnelly – Stay Right Here

Tipperary-based punk rock artist Pat Donnelly released his new single ‘Stay Right Here’ on the 25th of November and it is a refreshing and filthy, crunchy guitar-driven track with driving drums and catchy hooks! ‘Stay Right Here’ is an echoing and well-produced track with strong and soaring vocals that are being delivered in an open and honest way. Pat’s new single tells the story of a heart aching over a close friend moving away. “The song was inspired by the mix of emotions that ensue from not wanting someone to leave, wanting them to stay close, and fearing the distance between yourself and someone else.” Safe to say I know the feeling, as I was the friend moving away in my own story…

Nothing In Common – Throw Me to the Dogs

Sweet and soft, soothing, dreamy and ethereal, these are some of the words that come to mind when listening to Nothing In Common’s new single ‘Throw Me to the Dogs’. Beautifully soft vocals lead us through an angelic soundscape of warm elements and exciting lyricism. The single is the new release by the indie pop and rock-influenced band that bring heavy-hearted soundscapes that shimmer with hope and comfort. The Swedish band is releasing their debut album at the end of this month!

Strange Bouquets – Masquerade

An intriguing and eccentric new art rock track was released by Rory Morison’s solo project Strange Bouquets! His second single ‘Masquerade’ reflects on the chaos of the pandemic era and offers a new creative vision. The track is a chaotic piece of eclectic punk and rock with spoken vocals that seem to immerse from the chaos while creating even more of it. It is a creaking yet charismatic track driven by distorted riffs and an overall energising soundscape! Morison is currently working on a debut album with a wild range of international collaborators, the album is due for release mid 2023.

Misanthropes – Cytoplasmic Jungle Juice

‘Cytoplasmic Jungle Juice’ is the new single by Misanthropes, the second taken from the new album ‘God Has Exploded’, the track is a soaring, slow burning rock track with crooning vocals and the warm sounds of a cello throughout. Their new single is sultry and comforting, building all the way throughout and showing of the bands’ multiple talents and influences. The four piece are from Eastern Pennsylvania and have created quite the eclectic discography over the years, there’s something for everyone; heavy punk rock, ballads, folk tunes and crooning pop. ‘Cytoplasmic Jungle Juice’ is an example of that last genre and potentially our favourite!

The Lylacs x Francis Blume – Heaven

A sweet and shimmering, warm and atmospheric new single was released by The Lylacs in colleboration with Francis Blume. ‘Heaven’ is a heavenly pop song combining jangly guitar lines, a dream pop aesthetic and delicate melodies. ‘Heaven’ is a song about the quiet beauty that resides within us all. “It celebrates the exuberance and vulnerability of meeting someone new and feeling – for the first time in ages – the desire to share that inner world rather than disguise it.” ‘Heaven’ sounds like falling in love, slowly. Enjoying the thrill of the chase and the newness of it all, ‘Heaven’ is our new soundtrack for falling back in love with life.

Work In TV – Spiral

Genre-blending Sheffield-based outfit Work In TV have just released their debut single ‘Spiral’. It’s a spiralling, yet pleasant surprise and the perfect opener of our weekend. The band played a blinder for a bouncing Bobiks on Thursday and released their debut single on Friday, to see it must have been a good weekend for the band is an understatement, at least it was for us. Their live set is a happening of high energy and incredibly fun, dancing moves and tunes, and one we won’t forget anytime soon. Their debut ‘Spiral’ is the perfect example of their driving, electrifying and flamboyant rock’n’roll sound, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for Work In TV!

Wild Arrows – Gold Ides

A warm and cinematic soundscape supports the inartificial vocals of Wild Arrows on their latest release ‘Gold Ides’. The song is a grand and thumping alternative pop track that could easily fill a stadium and its comforting yet unfamiliar sound makes for an enigmatic new release we would happily listen to on repeat. ‘Gold Ides’s lyrics are simple and easy to sing along and makes that the song is, after just one listen, already stuck in our heads.

Hazlett – Tell Me What You Dream About

A warm, soft and soothing new folk pop song was released by Hazlett, ‘Tell Me What You Dream About’ is a sweet release that is soft to the touch and has a beautiful finish. Combining hazy vocals, a subtle soundscape and a smooth production, ‘Tell Me What You Dream About’ is my new lullaby, my afternoon soundtrack, the sound guiding my meditations and the one that calms down the storm in my head. 

Arliston – Sydenham Place

Crooning vocals lead us through Arliston’s new release ‘Sydenham Place’. This is an introspective and small, yet intriguing and at the same time brightly shining alternative pop song that offers us a peek into the musical brain of the duo. The single is the opener on their recently released five track EP, which is a beautiful collection of songs ranging from 80’s infused pop to intricate gems with a hint of indie. The song hits the nail on the head for fans of Bon Iver and The National.

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