New alternative: MINK, Cigarettes for Breakfast and Dick Dudley

MINK – I’m Still Sad

The most important, wandering question that leads us through ‘I’m Still Sad’ is “can you lift me up?”. And despite their slightly gloomy new single, MINK do lift us up. It is the refined and smoothly produced new single they just released that is unhurried and comforting. The German band is currently on tour with indie band SIND and will be playing a release show on the 14th of November in Berlin!

“‘I’m Still Sad’ was written in graffiti on a wall at our first gig in Poland. The music to these words was created that very night. A year has passed since we left that polish basement and recorded the final version at Studio 25 in Berlin.”

Cigarettes for Breakfast – The Sun

The shoegaze-y new single Cigarettes for Breakfast just released is an eclectic blend of influences taken from bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride. It’s warm, comforting and driven by distorted riffs and most definitely a few pedals I have never heard of. ‘The Sun’ is a B-side from the band’s upcoming album ‘Join the Circus’ and was spontaneously released, which is a very welcome surprise to those of us that love music as a journey, a driving and wandering sound that leads us through dreary mornings.

The band was founded as the shoegaze project of Matt Whiteford who usually performs the majority of the instrumentation in the studio along with a rotating cast of additional contributors. ‘The Sun’ is the only studio recording that has performances from all five members of the live band and marks the end of an era as their line-up continues to change. Despite constant changes, this line-up seems to work, sounds cohesive and harmonious but we’re excited to hear what the next chapter is going to bring the band!

Dick Dudley – Dog Park

Dudley is ferocious on ‘Dog Park’, a fast paced, energetic and screaming alternative punk track with a riffing and rambling soundscape and pungent vocals! Since I am a fan of Slaves, Shame, IDLES and Fontaines D.C., this one is right up my street. “Think of something mundane, focus on the negatives and flip it on its head.”, that’s what ‘Dog Park’ does. It’s the first single and title track of the band’s upcoming debut EP.

On their new release, guitarist James says: “‘Dog Park’ was triggered by an 80s Soviet Post-punk drum sample. The early iterations had a dark mechanical sound before it was brought to the band to flesh out together. What came out was a punchy, straight forward and driving track. We just wanted to keep it simple, keep it fun. Richie put down the lyrics almost instantly after hearing the demo. He was staring through the glass doors between our rehearsal space and a newly built dog park. Guess that’s where the lyrical inspiration came from. You’d have to ask him… he’s back in the UK somewhere eating a liver onion chip dinner.”

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