EP: Lucas Fournier – Who Are We

The title track of Lucas Fournier‘s new EP is a soft, soaring and heartfelt one, which is a sound we will be hearing throughout his new five track counting EP, ‘Who Are We’. The EP stood out to me due to his beautiful voice and simple soundscapes. The soothing folk pop sound is one the EP is drenched in. ‘Friday In The Basement’ is a slightly more fragile sound, whereas ‘Brothers’ is warm and grand and listens like a warm hug. Despite the EP being filled with undeniably folk pop-driven tracks, every song brings its own signature, its own sound to this short collection of tracks.

Lucas Fournier is only 19 years old but is driven by ambition and a refined sound he is already making his own. His one goal in life is to spend his time making music that excites him, and in turn, us. He pushes the boundaries of folk and pop and narrates honest stories driven by comforting guitar sounds and driving drums. ‘Lakeside’ is an example of a more driving song, something a little more upbeat and elevating, the song is more of an alternative pop song with its grand and colourful chorus. His influences are rather wide-ranged and come from Novo Amor, Bon Iver, Radiohead and Phoebe Bridgers to name a few.

Lucas Fournier’s music takes you on a journey and leaves no woman nor man behind, his driving sound is the vehicle that takes us on the road to his musical forest filled with still undiscovered elements and compositions. With his talents and the natural elements he possesses, I can only imagine his sound evolving and growing way past the folk pop genre and into a new yet to be found genre that fits everything he will be creating now and in the future.

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