The Animal Gang’s Favourites

Dublin-based alt-rock band The Animal Gang was initially formed as a studio project between singer-songwriter Kris Finn and producer Denis O’Neill. The band has now become a full on four-piece and recently released their new single ‘Gimme Love’, which gave us the perfect opportunity to have a brief chat with them to talk about what they so love about making music and being an artist!

Where do you discover new music?

When I’m out jamming with the lads they might suggest new artists or from friends and family, Totally Irish on Today FM is a good hit or discover weekly on Spotify gives me a heads up on new and old music.

What is your favourite place to write and listen to music?

When I’m inspired most to write is when I’m jamming or sitting with my guitar it doesn’t matter where I am, once there is a rhythm to sing to or write down whatever is rapidly flowing from my mind. As for listening to music, To be honest I would love my own personal soundtrack that was in my head growing up, I found music in random everyday objects & sounds so that way I could hear music all the time.

What activity are you unable to do without music?

I suppose working without music would make anyone’s day really really long, so yeah I like to tip away at work with music grooving me along.

What are your favourite things to do besides music?

My life is pretty busy! I love my job Making props and models for tv/film, and also being creative so I love painting, singing and generally having fun! I’m also a big film buff! Nothing makes me happier than a 80’s film marathon!

What are currently your ten favourite songs by emerging artists?

There are so many fabulous singers out there nowadays that get lost in the melting pot that is todays music industry! I tend to gravitate towards artists that are working the pub circuit, The likes of Aaron Rowe , Megan Burke who is a huge talent and certainly one to watch!

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