Fast Money Music – Probably Finally

Fast Money Music’s new single ‘Probably Finally’ is an intriguing mix of influences taken from new wave, punk and rock and is driven by warm and sultry vocals and rambling riffs. Its soundscape is a surprise from the beginning until the very end and builds slowly towards its crescendo. Fast Money Music has created an energising and wandering sound that fills a need we didn’t know we had. 

‘Probably Finally’ tells a story of behavioural change for the purpose of redemption, “seeing (probably) the light at the end of the tunnel and (finally) the errors of your ways.” The song is a dark yet indie pop and rock-driven sound for fans of The Strokes, New Order and The 1975. The single is the second from the UK post punk / new wave outfit that are due to release their debut EP later this year. The EP was produced by Mikko Gordon and Sam Petts-Davies and will hopefully contain more of the ‘Probably Finally’ sound that got us hooked. 

The driving rhythm of ‘Probably Finally’ makes us feel like we are on a late night summer drive, with an open rooftop acting like we are the main character in our own movie. It is exciting and thrilling with elements of indie pop that make us feel at ease, comforted by the fact that indie can still be something completely different!

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