Passive Fix – Red Lights

A rambling new pop rock track was released by Passive Fix. ‘Red Light’s is pungent and driven by dry yet powerful vocals, the song being a surprising blend of pop, rock, punk and new wave, Passive Fix are bending genres like there’s no tomorrow. The Midlands-based band create energetic tracks that aim to redefine genres and bring something new to the table and with ‘Red Lights’ they achieve just that! 

The band wrote ‘Red Lights’ at their self-created writing retreat in Cambridge and it’s the first they’ve written collectively. They are fronted by songwriter, vocalist and saxophonist Alex McCarthy which is what made them stand out to us, we’ve not heard a good bit of sax in a punk rock track in ages! About the lyrical content of the song, Alex said: “‘Red Lights’ is about guilt and temptation. The story follows a man as he meets up with a woman in a seedy hotel. He has a partner yet is close to cheating on her with this female character. Each pre-chorus asks the characters individually if they are ‘strong enough to fight temptation’, with the verses detailing the night they’re spending together.”

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