Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – No Sweet Dreams

A new and charming, atmospheric pop track was released by, wait a minute, Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends. The band with the unbelievably long name released a warm-hearted and soothing alternative pop song with theatrical elements weaving throughout its musical fabric. “‘No Sweet Dreams’ is on the surface a song about illness (or maybe drug abuse), but in its core a sad song about love, or at least memories of love.”

The song is a combination of up-tempo pop, power pop and influences of indie rock. Its vivid drums rolls and fun, light-hearted whistles fill the room while its enchanting vocals lead us through the journey the band have created for us. The pop rock outfit is led by Alien Friend, who, in another life, plays guitar and sings in Swedish band Redmoon. ‘No Sweet Dreams’ is part of his solo project, as which he released a double album and a string of singles last year.

All previously released music, including the brand new ‘No Sweet Dreams’ are built on poetic lyrics that are sometimes ironic but always honest. A large group of musicians have so far been part of the project, which has brought an eclectic mix of influences to this refined and well-produced sound. It makes ‘No Sweet Dreams’ a nostalgic and refreshing, driving track that we could simply listen to over and over again.

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