New alt & dream pop: New Wolves, Natalie McCool, Eoghan Moylan and Ellen Krauss

New Wolves – Lifeforms

The intense vocals that lead us through New Wolves’ latest release are enigmatic and fill the song with a mystique we haven’t heard in a while. ‘Lifeforms’ is a surprise, a journey and listens like a rollercoaster that is driven by a mysterious soundscape built by subtle and shimmering elements. The song leads up to the bands’ upcoming debut album and is a live favourite that works just as well recorded! Its soundscape sways and shuffles and brings a new sound to the scene that we are all for!

Natalie McCool – Show Me What You’re Made Of

The catchy and wandering pop sound of Natalie McCool will never get boring, her brand new single ‘Show Me What You’re Made Of’ is another example of her unique yet commercial sound. It is a comforting surprise, we think we know what’s about to happen to us, yet she swifts and swerves and keeps not just this, but all her previous singles as well, a surprise filled with excitement. The build up of this new single is brilliant and made me end up on the edge of my couch! More, we want more.

Eoghan Moylan – I Love It When You Lie To Me

This dark and wonderful sound is a captivating one, driven by beautiful and warm, sultry vocals. ‘I Love It When You Lie To Me’ is the latest from Irish indie musician Eoghan Moylan, the song is about paranoia and struggling with the toxicity it creates in a relationship. The track consists of well-blended influences taken from alt pop, indie rock and synth rock and brings the story Eoghan is looking to tell to life. The spiralling finale of the track leaves us and all its listeners on a high longing for more.

Ellen Krauss – This Time Of Year

‘This Time Of Year’ is the closest to a holiday-related song we will be covering on Music For The Misfits, but Ellen Krauss did a simply magnificent job at translating the feeling of ending the year on your own that we simply couldn’t ignore the track. The Swedish singer songwriter has a beautiful and mesmerising voice and tells the heart-wrenching story of celebrating the holidays without a family. “‘This Time Of Year’ is a song I wrote from my “aunts” perspective. She’s not really my aunt but she’s always been in my family because she no longer has a family of her own. Christmas is always a tough time for her as she’s reminded of those she’s lost and it’s all very moving to me.”

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