December Round Up

BOWIE – Liar

‘Liar’ is the powerful, empowering and surprising new theatrical pop track by independent German artist BOWIE. Its thumping soundscape and cutting vocals, driving drums and charming elements make for a delicious slice of alternative pop. The single is taken from her upcoming debut EP which I hope will be filled with more dramatic sounds a la ‘Liar’. Hers resembles the sound of Dutch songstress Kovacs, both creating thrilling soundscapes filled with unexpected twists, turns and deliciously colourful flavours that throw me off and pull me right back in. The song is an act of revenge, filled with irony and female empowerment and represents what BOWIE stands for; being the strong, independent and outstanding artist that she is.

Cliftun – LANA

Potentially one of our favourite and most fun new releases of 2022 must be Cliftun’s ‘LANA’. He released the demo version after a snipper of it blew up on TikTok, and we’re glad he did. It is a catchy, robotic, enigmatic and exciting pop rock track with a hint of punk and indie pop! The song is a tongue in cheek satirical track about a Lana Del Rey fan who fell for a Kurt Cobain fan. “The vapid common interests and seemingly bad character traits are embraced as the two star crossed lovers find solace in their tragic self deprecating romance. By the end of the track she wants out, demanding he get out of her bed and threatening “you gon’ make me call your dad!” Intrigued? So are we!

Jafet Ayala – 1995

A comforting and festive sound doesn’t always have to be holiday-related and we are glad that Jafet Ayala’s ‘1995’ isn’t yet it’s the perfect soundtrack for the days ahead of Christmas! The subtle soul pop sound he’s created is driven by refined guitar riffs and sultry vocals and makes for a very relaxed listen. The Texas-based musician’s latest is an unhurried and inartificial track that clearly represents the joy he takes out of writing and composing music. “I do my own production, record my own guitar and bass parts then outsource the rest, it gives me freedom to try different things.” And that’s what made ‘1995’ stand out to us!

Mimi Pretend – I Still Wear Your Ring

Hazy, almost angelic, sweet and subtle, it’s Mimi Pretend’s new single ‘I Still Wear Your Ring’. The single is an almost heart-wrenching telling about love lost and the first taken release from her upcoming EP. The song is a wandering pop track with sweet vocals drenched in honey with a sour meaning. Mimi Pretend has created a unique blend that takes inspiration from 90’s grunge, goth and trip-hop all the while being moody yet comforting and rather eclectic. A new and refreshing sound and artist for us and the modern musical landscape, Mimi Pretend is a breath of fresh air we are ready to fall in love with!

GLOSSER – The Artist

‘The Artist’ is the grand and thumping, dream-like alternative pop single recently released by GLOSSER. Their new single sees them maximising hooks and creating a warm and filling yet simple and stripped back soundscape. ‘The Artist’ is a slow paced and electronically-enhanced sound that sees them using pop elements in a way we haven’t heard before. The duo behind GLOSSER consists of Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan and the two have created a wonderful and atmospheric, angelic sound that is addictive and compares to no other.

Dan Fable – One Punch Tommy

‘One Punch Tommy’ is the soaring, open and bloody honest new single from Dan Fable. The Manchester-base indie singer songwriter created a sound a la Sam Fender combined with King Krule. This one in particular is a very emotive story that comes with a graphic video. ‘One Punch Tommy’ opens with Fable’s spoken vocals and soon turns upside down with a colourful and catchy soundscape that dresses his Tom Grennan-like vocals. His songs are personal, poignent, and the way he tells the stories he needs to share with the world. The song is telling and gut-wrenching, and one we could listen to on repeat.

dalloway – maura

Soft, sweet and angelic, ‘maura’ is the new single from dalloway and it is a charming and mesmerising new release that had us hooked from the get-go. The song was inspired by the murder ballad genre, “I wrote a ‘missing ballad’ about the 2004 disappearance of Maura Murray. It’s one of three new tracks off my EP ‘Overripe’.” The EP is a cumulation of beautiful pop songs a la Aurora and is driven by sharp vocals and softly thumping soundscapes. Poetic lyrics give the single extra depth, make dalloway an intriguing artist to watch…

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