EP: 7000apart – Feel Your Feelings – Side A

Six songs all come together on 7000apart‘s brand new EP, ‘Feel Your Feelings’ is radically honest and viscerally vulnerable. The folk pop artist worked together with producer and songwriter FEMKE from Nashville, and released their second EP originating from a dark place while striving towards light, levity, and hope.

The EP opens with beautifully honest and angelic single ‘Stand Together’, the sharp vocals shine most brightly on the simple and subtly thumping song that draws a brightly coloured painting. This warm and ethereal, mesmerising sound is a red thread throughout the EP’s six singles and is a beautifully dramatic representation of the duo that worked on its production. ‘No is a Nice Word’ is a tad more contemporary and brings a poppier sound that hints at R&B, a very dancing and swaying song that brings an uplifting and honest taste to the EP.

‘Hope’ is the hopeful sound we hinted at earlier, a soft and sweet sound that would have made a perfect fit for the The Greatest Showman soundtrack! Its warm build up subtly dresses its vocals and adds a neutral yet empowering tone to the soaring track. Beautiful vocals and subtle soundscapes bring the entire EP to life without any of the songs sounding exactly like the other, ‘Whole Lot Left to Lose’ is a sweetly thumping track with impressive vocal lines that are leaning against rap, adding yet another taste to the EP’s tasteful palette. On single ‘Player 2’ we finally hear a combination of the two collaborator’s vocals, their warm harmonies blend together well with the soft soundscape that has elements of electro pop!

‘End of the Tunnel’ is the soaring and heart-wrenching closer of the EP and makes the entire EP a well-rounded collection of songs that we very much enjoyed listening to.

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