Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners – Sailboat

‘Sailboat’ is the latest by Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners and the song is a warm and subtle yet rocking track about finding clarity in times of darkness, “realising what is really important, ‘Sailboat’ follows the story of a relationship between two people that has grown tired and weary by life’s challenges. Upon taking a break and taking a step back it becomes obvious one can’t live without the other but accepts fate and accepts the future.”

The songs translates hopelessness in a driving and thriving soundscape and heartbreak in slightly gloomy elements that give the song its extra depth and colour. The song is a means to escape, a pop rock track with 80’s influences, soothing synths and fierce drum rolls. ‘Sailboat’ was released nearly two weeks ago following a strong of very well received gigs and a successful BBC Introducing Live Lounge for Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners! The track is a refined introduction to the bands’ sound and the influences they have moulded into their own sound and signature.

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