Live: The Deep Blue and Melanie Baker at Bobiks

Melanie Baker writes honest and comforting sad songs about mental health, love, loss and Patti Smith. On the 28th of January the singer and songwriter got a nicely packed Bobiks to listen attentively and subtly sway along to her beautiful vocals and well-written guitar-driven compositions. She supported The Deep Blue, and was the perfect opener with her honest and sincere pop sound.

After a set slightly too short, Melanie Baker made place for indie folk four piece The Deep Blue, who we’ve written about many times before, and they did not disappoint live either! With a captivated audience, a hen party and some absolute super fans, The Deep Blue could barely do anything wrong. It gave them the most receptive audience to play a few new tracks, ‘Arabella’ and ‘Somebody’s Daughter’, some stripped back ones, ‘Cotton White Linen, ‘Lost Boy’, and ended their set with incredibly infectious folk pop track ‘He Said She Said’. I can’t say with absolute certainty that the four piece hadn’t played the north east before, but either way, they seemed to have already built quite the fanbase around here.

Their angelic vocal harmonies resemble those of Wildwood Kin, and their banter is equally slightly awkward yet funny and unforced. It instantly reduced the distance between the band and the audience and made the evening feel like a house party with friends and two incredible sets filled with catchy pop songs!

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