Mike Rogers – Get High

“Mister tambourine man (a dealer) is speaking. He is convincing someone to trust him to take the drugs and experience how it will all unfold. It will be an adventure worthwhile.”

When a new supergroup arises and creates a stunning and energising new sound, there’s no way we can ignore it. Mike Mago, TWR72 and the lead singer of Kita Menari joined forces on a brand new track, ‘Get High’ is their heart-felt and intriguing new alternative rock single. Driven by a captivating soundscape and soft vocals, surprising harmonies and a personal narrative, ‘Get High’ is the drug we needed to get the weekend started off right!

“The strongest opinions are always in the news and social media. They shout the loudest. But we believe that being uncertain of things has something to stand for too.” Roger and Mike met when they both performed as DJ’s and played electro, French house and techno, years passed by and the developed their own sound and eventually the music brought them back together with the intention of starting a live act inspired by the acts they grew up with going to festivals such as Lowlands. Micha, frontman of Kita Menari, joined, and completed the Mike Rogers line-up.

Listening to their already rather extensive catalogue brings a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. All three being very talented musicians, they have lifted each other to a higher level and ‘Get High’ might be there best yet, if you’d ask us!

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