Jordan Sommerlad – Too Much?

Jordan Sommerlad just released his new single ‘Too Much?’, the soft and refined, sweet and romantic pop song combines both male and female lead vocals and is bittersweet yet sounding upbeat. ‘Too Much?’ is about struggling to come up with the right words and often falling short. It is a powerful anthem talking about a subject most of us have struggled with before, and Sommerlad knows how to tell the story right!

This driving pop rock track is a wandering and wonderfully crafted one that instantly hits the right note and keeps going throughout. The soft and high pitched vocals of Lizzy Miller that come in halfway give the song a soft and hazy layer while the guitar play evolves from the beginning until the end. It’s a mellow, refreshing and unique listen we could easily listen to again and again.

In case you hadn’t heard of Jordan Sommerlad before, he is the musician and instrumentalist that used to stay up late at night working on music with his four-track recorder. “The technology has improved but the methodology is more or less the same.” After years of working on his craft and sound, he released his debut album in October 2019 and his new album was released just a few days ago! Listen to single ‘Too Much?’ below.

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