Artist Spotlight: Heir

We’ve reviewed Heir so many times now, it was time for a dedicated Heir-page! You can find all reviews we published on previous Heir-releases here, and all future ones below!

If You Sell The Piano

Our favourite Yorkshire-based disco indie pop outfit have released a new single, ‘If You Sell The Piano’ is a sentimental and unhurried, comfortable new track with an incredibly catchy chorus. ‘If You Sell The Piano’ is “a tale of love, letting go… And a piano.”

Their contemporary influences come together very well on this pulsating indie track, about the lyrics of the track, guitarist Steven said: “‘If You Sell The Piano’ is about discovering the last physical artefact of an old relationship listed for sale. The emotions attached to the piano are old news but putting a price on something so sentimental can still cut deep.”

Video: One Way Out

Heir are back with a much needed summer sound in the form of new single and video ‘One Way Out’. The single slowly builds towards a light-hearted and uplifting crescendo that showcases the band’s refreshing alt pop sound. They call it a breezy yacht-pop song, and I can certainly get on board (pun intended) with that!

About their latest and colourful new release, frontman Tom said: “‘One Way Out’ has been a lot of fun, from writing all the way to release. It’s a light-hearted tune that isn’t exactly cryptic – maybe a song for those who like breaking up with their partner whilst wearing a cowboy hat and a smile!” Sure, hand me my cowboy hat and I’ll even dance along to it!

Video: A Million Followers

Another undeniably memorable Heir-track, ‘A Million Followers’ is a quirky 70’s pop track with great vocals and a synth-wave-y soundscape. This is the final single to be released of their upcoming character-based EP, and it’s an excited promise for what is to come!

The last couple of years have been a huge turning point for us. These tracks have helped us hone in on the throwback pop, band-in-a-room sound that we’ve been aiming for.” – Sam

As Long As I Can’t See You

Their latest is as catchy as anything, refreshing, and with a shimmering intro, its title is a bit of a tongue twister, but most of all, ‘As Long As I Can’t See You’ is another delicious slice of Heir! A steady rhythm, simple soundscape and those signature vocals make ‘As Long As I Can’t See You’ a pleasant single, easy to listen to, and the perfect laid back afternoon soundtrack!

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