January Round Up

Vince Chinaski – Eat Your Peas!

In just one song and nearly four minutes, Vince Chinaski has packed many genres and influences and brought to life a new ‘box’ if you will. ‘Eat Your Peas!’ is a pleasant surprise from the beginning until the end and builds on warm, soft vocals that make for a comforting listening experience. This art rock track has been infused with hints of indie and is a tragicomic rush through the pulsating state of mind of a father. Close to home, close to the heart, an exciting new listen from an exciting new artist!

Sheepfighter – Paycheck

Distorted and slightly chaotic, its the soundscape framing Sheepfighter’s new single ‘Paycheck’. A subtly riffing and unhurried new alternative rock track is the debut of brand new three-piece Sheepfighter, an LA-based slacker rock outfit that takes their genre seriously. They live up to the expectations with their mellow yet rocking debut single that talks about the disillusionment of watching your dreams crumble away amid the dull reality of nine to five wage slavery. They say it how it is and I like it.

James Walsh – Stray Cats

Singer songwriter James Walsh just released a wandering pop song driven by his moving vocals. The song is a simple one, and combines soft guitar tones with a pair of pure vocals that tell the story of two lost souls seemingly destined to wander alone finding each other. James brings us on a journey of the universe persisting, and love finding its way. This gentle acoustic song is a beautifully personal introduction to James Walsh and his dreamy sound.

Mandi Mapes – Daffodil Floors

‘Daffodil Floors’ is intricate and the instantly captivating new single by Mandi Mapes. She is the songstress that tells stories with her pitch perfect voice supported by soothing piano-driven melodies. ‘Daffodil Floors’ is a gentle protest song about “my personal journey of coming to the end of a long religious road. Finding the courage to step off that road and being resting in my beloved-ness.” She’s a poet, a wizard with words and sounds and I could listen to ‘Daffodil Floors’ on repeat for days on end…

Dimitri von Büren – Space Dunk

A funky, groovy new release was brought to our attention by the artist and producer that released is; Parision independent musician Dimitri von Büren. ‘Space Dunk’ is a space tinged, refreshingly grooving disco-infused dream rock track with a colourful soundscape and warm vocals. Its production is nearly seamless, yet personal and distinctive, the track was mixed by Sahil Ansari, the sound engineer of indie artist JW Francis and the result is a surprising mix of indie, funk and groove pop sounds! “This song refers to a certain way of seeing romanticism, when sometimes, things don’t go the way you expected, it’s better to convert this frustration into a groovy approach and attitude.”

Christian Bruzelius – Hot Soul

The soulful festive new indie rock track Christian Bruzelius just released is taken from their new album, ‘Hot Soul’ is a delicious flirt with good old soul music from the 60’s. The single is dressed in a modern jacket, works around beautiful and passionate vocals and its soundscape is colourful and playful. ‘Hot Soul’ is a memorable track driven by punching drums, tasty guitar licks and strong vocals, a song you simply have to move along to!

Video: Calva Louise – Third Class Citizen

The powerful alternative rock of international outfit Calva Louise never ceases to amaze me, their expressive rock and inventive soundscapes make for ever exciting and surprising listens. Their new single ‘Third Class Citizen’ is another perfect example of that! The song comes with a video that watches like a short film, a vigorous and venomous picture that perfectly enhances the angry rock sound of the track and its screaming vocals. ‘Third Class Citizen’ is the first track to be taken from Calva Louise’s forthcoming EP ‘Over The Threshold’ which is due later this year.

Sarpa Salpa – She Never Lies

Sarpa Salpa’s latest is fantastically catchy and synth-driven single ‘She Never Lies’. Distorted at times, filthy and exciting, the indie rock track is pulled forward by grand vocals and a warm soundscape that is refreshing and very well produced. The song’s chorus is undeniably uplifting, and talks about a bittersweet and undying love. “We wrote it a long time ago back when we still rehearsed at Marcus’ parents house. It’s become somewhat of a live fan favourite and it felt like the perfect time to revisit it in a studio setting! The band has a series of live dates coming up during Independent Venue Week, check those dates here.

BANNERS – In Your Universe

Mesmerising artist BANNERS just released his new single ‘In Your Universe’, at the same time as his new six track counting EP. ‘In Your Universe’ is a vibrant new dream pop song, a single driven by beautifully rough vocals and a subtle and sweet soundscape that is raw and heartfelt. The EP is the first to follow his 2021 EP ‘It’s Gonna Be OK’, and aims to cement his name in the national musical landscape. BANNERS is gifted with a beautiful voice and the talent to create pockets of honest stories dressed in warm, comforting pop-influenced folk sounds!

December Friend – Slow Smiles

A new and lo-fi alternative rock song was released by Minneapolis-based outfit December Friend, their latest is called ‘Slow Smiles’ and it is a fun, light-hearted and colourful rock track! Its intro is intricate and quirky and gets followed by a warm and more up tempo soundscape, sultry vocals and riffing guitars. “‘Slow Smiles’ is about seeing subtle beauty in the chaos that is life, it encourages us to appreciate and remember special moments that are all too rare.” The single will also make an appearance on the upcoming debut album, ‘Splendor Never Dies’, which is out on the 17th of February!

Bo Gritz – Observes and Selects

We are upping the tempo and the stakes with Bo Gritz’ gritty new alt rock track ‘Observes and Selects’, the song is a chaotic reflection of the bands’ inspiration taken from The Horrors and Gilla Band! Following their hiatus, the band return more mature, more determined, louder and with more riffs. ‘Observes and Selects’ also marks their signing to cult indie label Glasshouse Records (Mandrake Handshake; For Breakfast), with the promise of more material to follow in the coming year.

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