February Round Up

The People Versus – Pretty Words

Oxford-based six piece The People Versus have made their return with alluring dream pop single ‘Pretty Words’, which is an electronic dream, driven by distorted sounds and high pitched, angelic vocals. The song is a surprise from the beginning until the end and stands out due to its clashing elements and eccentric sound, The People Versus are doing this differently and it seem to work!

Video: Iguana Death Cult – Sensory Overload

The rockers that call themselves Iguana Death Cult have released a new track with video that rocks and rambles in the best possible way. ‘Sensory Overload’ is a fast-paced and high energy garage rock track taken of the bands’ forthcoming LP, ‘Echo Palace’ which is due for release on the 12th of May on Innovative Leisure! The jittery track compliments manic lyrics and talks of the joke that is reality. They’ve translated the anxious feeling of not knowing which way is up anymore into a track that is chaotic and all over the place yet comforting in its own way!

I don’t speak french – Bomb Shelter Garden

A raging new rock track was released by I don’t speak french, ‘Bomb Shelter Garden’ is a bombastic track with strong vocals and a riffing, thunderous soundscape. The indie rock track is a blazing track “inspired by world affairs, Will Smith’s Oscar slap, the threat of nuclear war and the ever evolving digital age. It’s all going down hill so we might as well rage.” ‘Bomb Shelter Garden’ offers a soundtrack to our ever-growing rage and feeling of powerlessness, and it’s the track that might just bring forth an uprising… Let’s hope so!

Video: The Family Rain – Gasoline

Mix indie pop with garage rock and what you get is the dark and sweltering ‘Gasoline’, the latest release from the hand of The Family Rain. It is their first since 2021’s single ‘Death In Slow Motion’ and the three brothers have clearly not sat still during the interval between singles. These three minutes of blistering rock and roll are a refreshing and driving mix of rolling riffs and thundering drums and will be followed by a sold out UK tour!

Jay Moussa-Mann – The Greatest Escape (Ever)

Jay Moussa-Mann released another very catchy alternative pop track with ‘The Greatest Escape (Ever)’, a memorable sound that talks of and empowers us to go and make the decisions we want to make for ourselves instead of always being wary of what others might think! “I’m going to go and make the music I’ve always wanted to now. And I’m going to wear tiny, little gold shorts. Bye!” It is an empowering new pop track that will be echoing in our head for days.

FARUR – Lonely Idea

A soft, subtle and sexy new release has come out of FARUR. ‘Lonely Idea’ is a wandering dream pop song with crooning vocals driving a riffing soundscape forward. FARUR is the combination of two stunning voices, those of Kerkhof and Schulz, who came together to create soothing yet catchy sounds and names their project after an alp in the Swiss Bündner mountains. ‘Lonely Idea’ is a welcoming pop song, a confident and unhurried sound without frills, one we could easily listen to on repeat, and repeat, and repeat. The debut album of FARUR is coming on the 31st of April!

Unruly Mane x Andrew Pierson – Making It

A fun and powerful new pop song driven by a duet between woman and man was released by Unruly Mane and Andrew Pierson. The married duo formed their musical project in 2015 and were inspired to make music that honoured their Irish and Italian roots. Their new single is called ‘Making It’ and is a sentimental delivery that makes for a refreshing listen.

Gareth Inkster – Lee Shores

The soft and shimmering, wandering new art pop song Gareth Inkster just released is part of his upcoming full length album and was inspired by a piece of art that will be part of the upcoming album’s art work. ‘Lee Shores’ is a theatrical yet subtle pop sound with grand vocals and a sweet and likeable soundscape. He blends elements of classical training with hints of pop and creates intricate and harmonious songs that are complex, yet catchy and memorable!


With their debut single, FLETCHR FLETCHR are hitting a home run. ‘From Home’ was written and released by the duo that draw inspiration from artists such as Palace and King Krule to create a sound completely their own. This ethereal pop track is a wandering one for the sweet-toothed among us. The song’s backbone comes from the duo’s roots in indie rock, but its different layers make it for an intriguing and unique listening experience! Find ‘From Home’ in our Round Up playlist below.

Lyrika – Condemn the Silence

This dark new wave-esque sound with its sultry vocals and soaring compositions is a rather theatrical one. Lyrika have pulled out all the stops with ‘Condemn the Silence’, on their new single the Swedish indie rock band reflect on the difficulties of a separation. The band released several albums and singles the past few years and are hopefully gearing up for the release of another with ‘Condemn the Silence’ being another release on Gothenburg based label Rexius Records!

Katie Boeck – Over Again

The soft and melodic new pop song Nashville-based singer songwriter Katie Boeck just released is a warm reflection on past choices, she sings “You wouldn’t do it different, If you could do it over again” with her angelic voice. ‘Over Again’ is a simple and peaceful rendition of the sound she’s refined over the past few years. Hers made me think of Sam Philips and Carla Geneve and turned me into a fan when singing about owning her own story, “‘Over Again’ is about letting the gifts of wisdom and resiliency make you a better person for it.”

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