Video: Open Arms – Let’s Just Leave It

The driving new pop rock track Open Arms just released is called ‘Let’s Just Leave It’ and comes with a distorted and energetic video. The single and video are built on a hazy soundscape that is driven by mellow vocals and shimmering elements that give the track its colour. The single is their first release of this year and kicks of a new and exciting era for the band.

Frontman and lyricist Ben Farmer says on the track: “‘Let’s Just Leave It’ is self-referential, it’s a record of a time in my life where things seemed a bit all over the place. One particular line which I think sums the song up is in the second verse; “I try to follow my dreams but I can’t sleep”. I feel like this line accurately captures how a lot of us feel having spoken to people about trying to get more from life than just a 9 till 5 job which inevitably takes over everything else.

In their own subtle and creative way the band created a soundscape driven by loops of percussion and bass and heavy guitar lines that translates being in limbo, waiting for sleep, and the dreams, to finally get you and your thoughts to rest. It is an addictive pop song that firmly puts the Birmingham-based outfit on our musical map.

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