Carli Oso – Make Some Noise

‘Make Some Noise’ is the intricate and soft, refined new alternative pop song created and released by Carli Oso. The song is a refreshing and uplifting, folk-inspired rock track about doing what we as humans were put on the earth to do, “whatever the cost”. The shimmering sound of ‘Make Some Noise’ resembles that of musical heroes Xavier Rudd and Michael Franti, yet drenched in its own musical sauce.

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Steal Your Shine’, Carli Oso returns with his first full length album ‘The Wrecking Joint’, which is set to be released at the end of this year. The album is a promise we are already looking forward to, supposedly filled with more world sounds and freely interpretable folk rock sounds. Off the album, three songs have already been released, all of which you can listen to below. Carli wrote, recorded and produced the entire record from his home in the Northland Hills, giving the record an undeniably indie feeling, a personal touch and passionate tone of voice. Carli Oso is a grafter and a wordsmith, with ‘Make Some Noise’ he’s left an impression and we can’t wait to hear the full album!

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