Interview & video premiere: Seb Wesson about his new album and single release

Seb Wesson is a London-based guitarist and musician, he played in several bands (Munkster, Misdirectors, Funky Lowlives) and also played on Lemar’s album ‘Invincible’. In 2019 he released his solo EP ‘Tigers’. New work from Seb will be released later this year, starting with a brand-new single called ‘The Fire’ on Friday, the 24th of February. Time for us to give Seb a call and have a chat.

Hi Seb, congratulations on your new album!

Thanks, the album is basically ready. I have to sign-off the last two mixes and then I have a ten-track record all ready to go.

How was the process of making the album?

The time frame was long, but when I was productive I was super productive. A lot of it was done during the lockdown. I was lucky to have my own small home studio. I had everything demoed at a descent standard but with programmed drums and stuff. I had all the guitar layers. A lot of it was used. I’m fortunate to know a lot of talented musicians who’d helped me out with phase two, which was to replace the programmed drums with real drums. Paul Stewart who plays drums in The Feeling did that. Ciaran Jeremiah (The Feeling) played keyboards and Alex Richards (Mohair) played keys as well. When we were allowed back out to see each other again after the lockdown, we started doing the vocals. We went week by week, day by day, collecting everything. Then I got it all here on my system and added the extra guitars and harmonies. Before I knew it, two years later, the record was out. Joe Webb (ELO) mixed the record. It was a lot of fun doing this and I’m super pleased with it.

The first single ‘The Fire’ will be released on the 24th. Does this represent the sound of the album?

Yes, ‘The Fire’ is quite representative for the album. Guitars, piano, lots of vocals, electric top-lines but quite organic.

For this album you’ve just signed with a Dutch record label. How did this happen?

The story is that I now also play guitar in a band called Captain. They had a record out in 2006 called ‘This is Hazelville’. I was already good friends with the band and I always went by to see them play. Rick Flynn (singer of Captain) messages me from time to time. By that time, I’d already been working on my record and it sounds a bit like ‘This is Hazelville’. I’d sent it to Rick and said: “this sounds a bit like you”. Rick listened to the tracks and send back an entire song taped back on my track. From there on Rick and I started working on some new songs together. That’s how I got invited to join the band. Via the Facebook page of Captain, Gentlemen Recordings saw that the band became active again. They contacted the band and asked what we were doing, “we love your work and can we perhaps help in any way?”. This is how Captain and Gentlemen Recordings got involved. Meantime I had this record fully recorded but not yet mixed or anything. I’ve put it on Soundcloud and said to the label “I want to self-release this, have you got any advice for me?” Gentlemen Recording got enthusiastic and suggested to put the album out on their label.

Is there already a release date set for the album?

No, that’s not decided just yet. The plan is to put out three singles first and then to release the album. ‘The Fire’ will be released on the 24th of February. Another two singles will follow and I’m hoping for a release of the album in May or June. At least before the summer.

Are you going to promote this live?

I’ll definitely promote this live. All songs started with me singing and playing acoustic guitar. I now have the benefit to play all these songs just me, as a duo or trio or with a complete 5-piece band. So, lots of options. I’m going to promote this as heavily and as much as I can.

Any chance of promoting the album in The Netherlands as well?

Yes, definitely.

That’s good to hear. Thank you for your time and good luck!

We’ll just have to wait patiently for the upcoming singles, album and the chances to see Seb Wesson live somewhere this summer. ‘The Fire’ is now exclusively available via YouTube for all our readers and on Friday the 24th February for the rest of the World via Gentlemen Recordings.

Interview by Rene Rosierse

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