Live at Mosaic Tap: Emma Robson and Laura Dickinson

On Thursday evenings our home base is situated just behind the Centre for Life next to Newcastle central station, the place is called Mosaic Tap. Pillar Artists host weekly live events in the brand new craft beer place that is run by and for creatives. I was lucky enough to catch Emma Robson and Laura Dickinson play their heartfelt songs at Mosaic Tap on the 23rd of February!

Emma Robson

She writes beautifully crafted sad songs with goosebump-delivering vocals, Emma Robson has a beautiful voice that comfortably delivered warm and relatable short stories she has been through herself. She is a poet and a lyric-wizard and brings her songs to life through colourful compositions. During her set she comfortably talked to her audience, and told the stories that inspired her songs. For example single ‘Rumours’, which she started writing at the start of a relationship and finished writing when “that went to crap”, which made for a song filled with emotions that took us on a rollercoaster ride!

A lesson we learned from Emma Robson is that she is a kind and loving soul and that is what we should all aspire to be, because remember; “hurt people hurt people”. While she played her dream pop songs, she made sure the only person I was paying attention to was her, and when her performance ended, I felt myself longing for more. She was captivating and left us with the uplifting perspective of an upcoming new single! “‘Hairline Fracture’ will hopefully be the next single.”

Laura Dickinson

Nottingham-based singer and songwriter Laura Dickinson travelled to Newcastle with a bag full of honest lyrics and smooth pop songs combining spoken and singing vocals. She has written and performed poems, songs and stories about pigeons, cats that passed away and exes, and brought those to life with beautifully theatrical vocals supported by ethereal guitar lines. She brought a soothing and dreamy vibe to the Tap and opened a door for me behind which was a style of music I didn’t know I needed!

One of my favourites was single ‘Doorways’, which is a story about the previously mentioned cat that passed away, and combines a very wide range of vocals with spoken parts that truly drive its message home. Laura ended her set with single ‘Comfort’ which gave me the comforting feeling of knowing I am not the only one doing silly little things such as pushing comfort away until I have finished a massive task… We’re all silly little humans trying to make it through life and tonight I was pulled out of that for a blissful couple of hours during which I focused solely on the wandering and gorgeously dreamy pop songs of Emma Robson and Laura Dickinson.

In the words of Laura:

“They say seeing is believing
But when you can’t see through the water
You just gotta have a little faith”

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