We Are Scientists live in Newcastle

The true power of music is bringing people together. Yesterday proved that once again when nearly 2.000 of us came together to see We Are Scientists perform at the Northumbria Students’ Union with support from Bleach Lab. We Are Scientists barely need an introduction as the American rock band have been going for over 20 years, but Bleach Lab does. I was oblivious to the South London-based hazy pop outfit that from the very first tones they played had me hooked.

Bleach Lab

The soft ethereal tones of Bleach Lab’s sound are enhanced by a pair of beautiful vocals and rolling drums that intrigued from the get-go. Having created a world of their own the four-piece had a certain mystique surrounding them that intrigued and mesmerised. Theirs is a subtly romantic sound that is unhurried and very well produced, even though their stage presence could have been a tad more convincing. Admittedly, trying to get nearly 2.000 people dancing when your sound is rather dreamy, and all your audience is looking out for is to sing and dance along to their favourite We Are Scientists-hits, is no easy task.

Despite that, the bands’ smooth performance and musical talents made up for all the aforementioned and the ever-present smile of their drummer made me smile too. Personally, I was enchanted by the humble performance of Bleach Lab’s singer and all I want is for the band to return to Newcastle for a headline show so I can enjoy their live sound a little longer.

Listen to Bleach Lab here.

We Are Scientists

The anticipation is high ahead of the bands’ appearance and as soon as they enter the stage the audience makes the floor of the NUSU shake! We Are Scientists came about in 2020 and ever since have created anthemic rock tracks that over the years have never lost their relevance. Their live performance is energetic and all three band members give it all and confirm that they are in top form on this extensive UK tour they have recently embarked on.

Anthemic rock track after anthemic rock track gets sung along to, even though part of the audience needs a while to warm up, which might have to do with their age… (At least over 55) However, their younger crowd makes more than up for this lack in enthusiasm during the first half of We Are Scientists’ set with the evening ending in a full on mosh pit and the slight worry that the floor might not be able to take it. If you would have wanted to or not, you were bouncing along to ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, ‘Inaction’, ‘Courage’ and encore, and the best possible closer of the night, ‘Less From You’.

Their riff-heavy set brought a smile to my face and made me look up to the end of the night, some low quality videos make me feel like I am still at the Northumbria University Students’ Union, where I enjoyed and created some memories that will live on with me forever.

Listen to We Are Scientists here.

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