Dead Lucid – Ordinary Freak

The not so ordinary freaks that form Dead Lucid have just released their new and evocative pop rock single. With its soaring vocals and delicious guitar licks, their latest, ‘Ordinary Freak’, is a refreshing and spacious take on classic rock. Inspired by artists such as The Strokes and Joy Division, the single is an eclectic mix of building compositions and a fast paced, exciting chorus!

Theirs is an in-your-face type of rock that shifts and shimmers and morphs from one thing into another and is never ever boring. It isn’t just their sound that is intriguing, it is their entire approach to being an emerging artist, the band don’t just have merch… They have an entire fashion line! Dead Lucid is your new one stop shop for infectious rock and a fashionable outfit, including dad-hats, crop tops and biker shorts.

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