Video: Dark Bardo – Wild Thought

In case you are in a bit of a funk, we have the perfect remedy for you, in the form of single ‘Wild Thought’, the latest by Dark Bardo! Dark Bardo is a collaboration between producers that have together created an eclectic and uplifting world music sound, drenched in a refreshing mystique and flair. These producers have previously worked alongside Bjork, Childish Gambino and John Baptiste and reach for a funky pop sound which they reached on ‘Wild Thought’.

The song comes with a video that shows their kaleidoscopic carnival of sounds in the form of mischievous freaks and scoundrels that live life their own way. ‘Wild Thoughts’ is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated Zimbabwean-American artist Shungudzo who brought her standout vocals to infectious compositions and with that creates the impactful debut of Dark Bardo!

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