Great Park Avenue – Pete My Teacher

If you are a fan of Pete Doherty’s sexy vocals and the rocking soundscapes The Libertines used to make, ‘Pete My Teacher’ by Great Park Avenue will most definitely be right up your alley. We know the Swedish know how to create filthy rock tracks, and Great Park Avenue confirm that statement. I had typed all of this before I read that ‘Pete My Teacher’ is in fact a tribute to Pete Doherty, the band added their own very distinct flavour to his, and no matter which way you twist or turn it, it’s a banger.

The single is the first of the bands’ upcoming EP ‘Limitless Prolific Divineness’ and it’s a hard-hitting, refreshing piece of Swedish slash UK rock. Great Park Avenue showcase that the two go hand in hand. ‘Pete My Teacher’ was recorded in what used to be a public women’s bathroom and mixed at the Kapsylen Studios in Stockholm. “The bathroom with its tile walls is a rather unconventional room for recording but we’ve made it our own sacred place and we’re absolutely in awe of the atmosphere of this magic loo.”

The release comes with an accompanying game where you can take a step into the mysterious world that is some people’s everyday life. It might, or might not, be Pete fighting off paparazzi in the game, the band aren’t confirming nor denying that one! Play the game here, and listen to the single below.

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