Hallo – Cold Magic

“Nostalgia is an intoxicating time-traveling drug.”

‘Cold Magic’ is the beautifully thrilling new dream pop single coming from American outfit Hallo. Their debut ‘Cold Magic’ is the perfect introduction to their elevating and soft, sweet pop sound that is driven by gorgeous vocals and a simple, subtle soundscape. The single translates the feeling of wanting to relive the past while simultaneously dreading the possibility of ever going back. “It’s about craving something so deeply but knowing it would be detrimental to you if you ever got it.”

Its bittersweet message is told by featherlight vocals that are nearly see-through, and gave me goosebumps. Hallo have created the winning sound, the instantly gripping sound, telling a story I can personally relate to. About the inspiration behind their debut, they say: “‘Cold Magic’ also touches on how one loses clarity over time. Memories become jumbled and the past blurs into dreams.”

“You close your eyes and within that quiet moment materialises your sparkly remembrance projected onto the walls of your imagination. It is a heartfelt reflection of getting older and missing your youth, your past, yourself. You want it all but are always being forced to choose and then you must live with the consequences.”

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