Polyvinyl – Nirvana Now

Our favourite north east-based new wave post-punk outfit have just released their new single ‘Nirvana Now’ and it’s potentially one of our favourites. The vocals of Polyvinyl-singer Hannah shine brightest on this eclectic and rocking track that is another showcase of the band’s extensive musical talents.

‘Nirvana Now’ talks about grieving love, with lyrics that are filled with metaphors and harness the imagery of the Vietnam war to paint a very vivid picture. Despite its bittersweet lyrics, the track sounds energetic and uplifting and plays a big part in the bands’ solidifying of their position within the regional scene. The classic rock-inspired track showcases perfectly how well the band know what direction their music is bound to take, they take a daring stance and do what they were born to do; create incredible pieces of musical art.

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