March Round Up

Captain – High Beams

‘High Beams’ is Captain’s first single release of the upcoming album, and their first release on Rotterdam-based indie label Gentlemen Recordings! Theirs is a fast paced and uplifting indie pop sound influenced by a wide range of artists such as The Cure, Flaming Lips and the Beach Boys. ‘High Beams’ is a soft pop single with soothing vocals and a subtle soundscape, a welcome breather and a refreshing sound we could listen to over and over again!

Morning Tourist – Small Flame

His reflective alternative folk songs are mesmerising and well-crafted and Morning Tourist has just released another. ‘Small Flame’ is his latest, and it’s the lead single of the upcoming album, ‘The Endless Eve’! His vocals are soft, his soundscapes subtle, Sean, who is better known as Morning Tourist, recently performed at a Sofar Sounds in Newcastle, and served his audience a passionate and heartfelt set of these intricate pieces of folk pop. ‘Small Flame’ is a welcome breather, the unrushed sound we needed.

Feral Family – Spice King

‘Spice King’ is the cinematic and thunderous new single by Feral Family, the band we first encountered in February 2019. Their latest is inspired by Frank Herbert’s science-fiction saga ‘Dune’, and on ‘Spice King’ they bend minds and elevate us to a whole new level! ‘Spice King’ is a story of power hunger, “how a group can take an innocent life and mould it into an obedient being through deviancy, manipulation and by hooking someone up with a potent substance…” It’s dark yet inspiring and refreshing all at once.

Rila’s Edge – Share The Night

Rila’s Edge latest indie pop track ‘Share The Night’ captures the feeling connection of meeting someone special while under influence. Its intro hints at rock after which the track becomes a soft and ethereal indie pop sound a la the feeling we have after a night out and already missing the love of our lives we met the night before. The Berkshire-based indie outfit is gearing up for an exciting 2023 and we’re gratefully jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy the ride!

Danny Starr – Over The Edge

‘Over The Edge’ is the third of five singles from Danny Starr’s upcoming EP ‘For Hungrier Hearts’ and it is a soft and romantic sounding pop song with beautiful vocals and grungy guitar lines driving its soundscape. Leading towards a high high, ‘Over The Edge’ is a surprise and well-mastered song with a raw and revealing soundscape that sets Starr apart from the others within his genre!

Scott Lavene – Waitrose Has Run Out Of Lobsters

A fun new indie track was released by Scott Lavene, ‘Waitrose Has Run Out Of Lobsters’ is a tongue-in-cheek and anthemic new release. The single has all of Lavene’s wry observation and unpredictable humour and made me chuckle while listening. “I wrote this song after listening to lots and lots of people moaning about the things they couldn’t do and the things they couldn’t have during lockdown.” The single is released in support of a short run of headline dates which you can find here!

Izzie Derry – Till We Reach The Sun

Singer songwriter Izzie Derry just released her new and anthemic single ‘Till We Reach The Sun’, it is melancholic and empowering, having been released on International Women’s Day the single is dipped in fierce feminine energy! The single tells tales of injustices that women have faced and still face, but also express the beauty of women supporting each other and carving the paths for future generations! Powerful, catchy and refreshing, Izzie Derry seems to have truly found her sound.

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