Banners – Tell You I Love You

Liverpudlian singer songwriter Banners writes captivating pop song and with his latest single ‘Tell You I Love You’ released another one of those. The song is a sweet and heart warming pop song with his soft and natural voice in the midst of the mix. His vocals are flanked by a subtle and softly thumping soundscape, the combination of both give this song a very intimate feel.

The award-winning artist brought us an energetic and feel-good piece of alt pop with ‘Tell You I Love You’. The song talks about the undeniable urge to process ones love, a feeling I have experienced so many times… Most of those when I was in high school! Banners wrote a song and sound that translated that feeling for me, making me feel a little less alone in the urge to scream “I love you” to whoever I fancied that week.

With his profound song writing he takes back the power of confessing one’s love to someone special. Banners colours this world red and paints it with sweet and loving pop songs, and that’s a sight we like to see.

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