Album: Inspiral Carpets – The Complete Singles

Legendary Madchester outfit Inspiral Carpets have just released their brand new compilation album, ‘The Complete Singles’, compiling all of the band’s 24 singles to date. ‘The Complete Singles’ is a one stop shop for fans of the uplifting and unparalleled Manchester pop sound the band have been creating for years and years. The album is filled to the brim with remastered singles starting the journey in 1988, with ‘Keep The Circle Around’, and ending with 2015’s ‘Let You Down’!

The album will be available on double black vinyl and as a 3CD set with an exclusive remix bonus disc that brings together the classic, rare and unreleased remixes from across their career alongside two new unreleased mixes. On ‘The Complete Singles’ you can find some of the greatest pop anthems of their, and this, time, with ‘She Comes In The Fall’ and ‘Two World Collide’ being two of my personal favourites.

The release of the album is followed by an extensive tour of the UK, including Newcastle, and you couldn’t make a woman happier than when she’s able to chant along to her favourite songs by a band she never expected to ever see live.

Listen to ‘The Complete Singles’ below!

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