Modern Alibi – Seventies

Modern Alibi released their debut single last month and with ‘Seventies’ show what they are made of and what alt rock tunes we may expect from them in the near future. The Charlotte, NC-based outfit was founded by Holden Scott, who’s an emerging musician and songwriter and found three other musicians that complement him perfectly!

The sound they have grafted is a quick and witty alternative rock one, driven by personal experiences and emotions and of course, heavy riffs. On their debut, the protagonist metaphorically relays the feelings of hopeless attraction. With influences taken from artists such as Arctic Monkeys, their sound supports and drives home “the passionate energy resulting from emotions swinging wildly between thrill and panic”.

The track is eclectic and energetic and gives us the boost we needed at the end of a long work day, strong vocals and great guitar riffs make for a very impressive debut single!

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